Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Morning

Well ---- Things are going pretty well so far today. since it’s 0600 things look good. sitting here with my coffee and trying to figure out the universe.  Oh well. I am reading "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. Never read it before, but probably should have. I love the “Secret Sharer” so we’ll see. As I may have mentioned I’m the new chairman DE LLS patient services committee, but they also submitted my name to be a patient  advocate with the FDA drug approval folks. So we’ll see what happens and what that means.
Buzz -- pictured below -- has become my best bud - animal-wise anyway. He has become so attached to me it is quite remarkable. He’s lost a bunch of weight too. My hero.
I am busy working on some writing stuff and trying to get my girth a bit less girthier. The only problem with getting fat isn’t the health stuff, but it makes my scar hurt. Yikes. That’s it for now I guess. Peace out.

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