Monday, December 30, 2013

Still sick

You’d think by now I couldn’t be rattled, but this flu/cold/URI has thrown me for a loop. Yikes. I am so hoarse, my voice sounds like it’s being run through scrambling software to keep me in the witness protection program. Fudgesicles! I ani’t happy.
Now this is truly stupid -- I hate missing a Monday of Friday at work, It just looks bad. Can’t stand it. Today will make it a Monday and I missed Friday. Fu, u, u dgesicles.
Got a doctor’s appointment at 0900 to be told I’m okay, just a hypochondriac. I bet I’m fine. My blood on the 23rd was good, ANC a bit high, WBC okay, Red a smidge low. Other than that good. so we’ll see what the doc says.
I guess that’s it!


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