Monday, December 23, 2013

appt. today

Whenever I have these oncology/hematology appointments I get a bit freaked out. I review every possible complication and play it over in my mind and eventually think myself into a near panic. In the end it comes out okay,
If all goes well today I will be in the “come back and see me next year” category. Fingers crossed!

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Yech! And the sniffles. If I didn’t have a stupid board meeting at 0800 and then my appointment at 0940 I’d go bak to bed and stay there all day. I’d just hunker down with me and Louis L’amour, rustle some cattle, and take naps all day. Yikes!

I still haven’t forsaken my goal of chucking it all and playing. I am still trying to maneuver myself into that, but it has been hard to pull it all together. The money I mean. I wanted some seed money to make it easier, but lately I’ve been thinking about letting the bank repossess everything and just walking away. Who knows? Fu#@K.

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