Wednesday, December 11, 2013

feeling smug

I was recently thinking/ I don’t probably do that near enough. Regardless. I’m feeling pretty smug today. No word on the job yet – I don’t expect to get a call; I except a politely worded “thanks, but no thanks” letter.

I’m smug because I took a chance at a big step that could take me out of my comfort zone and throw my world into a tizzy/ That’s kind of the definition of living I think -- taking chances.

Two years ago. Cancer survivor. Blah, blah,   just thought I’d throw in the Reader’s Digest version; this part is pretty self-aggrandizing and pretty predictable/

It took a lot for me to get off my backside and step into the fray and I am quite smug about tit all. I guess that’s it. 

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