Monday, September 23, 2013

tip 54

Cancer tip #54 – Okay guys I went to three sessions last week and came away with some really good info about Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN); Caregiver Maintenance; Americans with Disabilities Act; and some cool stuff about breakthroughs being worked at the University of Pennsylvania. 
I took a ton of notes, so let’s go. I think I’ll start with caregivers. Let me get my prejudice out of the way before we go any further. Having a caregiver doesn’t mean the patient gets to sit on his duff and direct actions like a wounded potentate. In the world according to Bill, adult patients are responsible – not caregivers – for keeping track of some stuff (e.g. updating drug lists, keeping appointment calendars, and communicating with crazy relatives). Kid patients are altogether different – I’m sure. Caregiving is a super hard job and patients are pains in buttocks and having some middle-aged fat boy whining about his pillow being fluffed – well, that dog don’t hunt.
Where was I? I better ask my caregiver.
For caregivers there is no training, the world drops this on you from nowhere, and nobody takes anything off your plate. In most cases caregivers learn from their patients what is needed. The thing to remember is every other commitment before the diagnosis still exists. There are still jobs, kids, and house stuff to handle.
The next week I will rant about: Communications; Contacts; Questions; Emergency procedures; Current Conditions; Anticipating Change; Medications; Records; Document handling, and Recognition

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