Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tip 53

Cancer Tip #53 – Talk about something else for a while. Okay I know that fighting cancer is the most significant emotional event that will or has happened in our lives and that of our family’s, but man we need to give it a rest sometimes, especially for our caregivers. There are times when cramming one more bit of information about neutrophils, C-Diff, or that damn insurance company, is going to make their heads explode. I bet sometimes it’s like being locked in room with a life insurance salesman – good information, just too much of it. If you’re looking for something to chat about that is not cancer related you could try talking about how wonderful I am, the Boston Red Sox, the Dallas Cowboys, sunsets, or Monte Cristo Sandwiches (aren’t they the perfect meal, I mean French Toast wrapped around ham and cheese). I feel like George Costanza talking about manure. 

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