Sunday, September 8, 2013

hey not much happening

Been on quite a reading binge lately. Read some great books in the past two months. I don’t often read so many good books in a row. Read a weird book called The Watchers by Jon Steele – I’d recommend it. Not a whole lot to post today, but I felt like I should say hey. I guess that’s it.
Oh it should be an interesting day I the NFL today – Jets fans have Geno Smith starting, Cowboys v. Giants, I’m looking forward to seeing what San Fran has, and would’ve thunk the Broncos would smoosh the Ravens so decisively.
There’s a really bad show on TV called Siberia and I love it. I think it’s dead last in the ratings, but I’m hooked.
Had a bad neuropathy day yesterday. The pain across my feet was searing’ it felt like someone took a hammer and drove a nail through the top of my foot. Thank God those days are getting further and further apart. Fu#$^%.
Did I mention I’m going to New Orleans soon for a wedding. I won’t say when in case bad people are trolling the web and their looking to knock my house over. 

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