Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last pill

Good Morning Chemo 13:

Well it’s 0430 and I have dog murder on my mind. I am up because these spoiled K-9 bastards wanted a snack. When I was sick I used to get up about 0330, give them a snack, have coffee, and do my blog. Now that I’m not sick they still want to get up at 0330 and have a snack.

Oh well!

This is a picture of an old guy who looks like I will in about ten years (okay it’s me) holding the only pill my oncologist requires me to take every day. It’s a far cry from flushing lines that went to my Hickman device (for those of you who don’t remember it was a three line catheter connected to my superior vena cava), self-injections of neuprogen, and a handful of pills every day, twice a day.

A long walk for sure.

For the next 90 days I am going to workout like a crazy man, eat judiciously, and go back to work full time in about two weeks

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