Monday, June 3, 2013

I’m back

I’m back.
I’ve been busy working on my house and it is superb. The wonder of me is, once again, wonderful. I wonder that I can confine all of my supebosity to one lifetime.
I only screamed motherf#@cker one time this week when putting a new sink in my bathroom, or as the packaging says – lavatory. I hadn’t heard that word since grammar school – lavatory. What a hoot.

I went caught a dose of poison ivy. No, not in my bathroom out by the front stairs where I did some cement work and reattached the wrought iron railing to the front landing. It went remarkably well.  Was going to go out and finesse it a bit, but it’s fine and I’d end up screwing it up, so I’m just leaving it alone.

There was an ad in the paper at the local university for an editor for the social media section. I entertained applying for two minutes. I can barely use facebook, I have a linkedin space I have no idea how to use, and on the rare occasion I tweet it goes nowhere because I have no followers and frankly, don’t want any. This is how my mom must have felt when cable TV came along.

I’m looking forward to a nice run today in the rain. I love that.

I’ll tell you guys some cancer stuff tomorrow.

See ya,


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