Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doing okay

Okay cancer stuff –

I’ve had a couple of scares in recent weeks, but I feel pretty darn good right now, so I should be more positive. I’ve had a grey cloud hanging around me in recent weeks and I’m not quite sure where that comes from. Who knows? I feel like I’m getting better about it.

I just finished installing a big sink counter top thing in my bathroom along with faucets and new paint. It kicked my heiney. It surely did. I would like to think it is from low platelets, or neuropathy, or some other cancer kind of thing, but I’m pretty sure it is getting a tad older. Damn! It just wore me out. And I still have the trim work to do.

I stopped lifting weights this year because all the doctors say I should focus on cadio stuff in lieu of resistance stuff. I’m thinking of sneaking in some of those exercise bands and slowly getting back to the weights. Sneaking around behind my doctors’ backs if you will. Heh, heh, heh.

I am tired though. I need a vacation where all I do is wake up, get my coffee, go back to bed, and read and nap. That would be heaven.

That’s it! See ya,


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