Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey Gang

To be honest I’m feeling pretty well today. I was doing really well until autumn when I threw my back out aka muscle spasms, and then I tore a muscle in my abdomen that I thought was a hernia and PCM did too, but my surgeon told me to go away and that I needed to exercise in an age appropriate manner. So what if I was benching 250 and I’m 44? Okay I’m 55, but that shouldn’t matter.

Last week I started a new routine.  I got to the landing on the stairwell of third floor of my office building do ten pushups (they’re tough to do right now), walk through the myriad of hallways  to the back stairs, walk to the landing on the first floor, do some kind twist and bounce exercise, disrupt that floors working by wandering through their hallways, go the front stairwell, and back up to the third floor and do another set of pushups. I do that ten times.

That is a real butt kicker too.

Went up to the cancer ward last week it was kind of weird, but I’m glad I did it, One has to face anxiety some time. I love those folks. I’m going to sneak up early one morning -- before 0500 and share some bad pastries and coffee with them.  I’m going before 0500 because the shift change is at 0700 and it can get hectic for them. Anyway, I ma told they love to see the results of their work up and walking about as opposed to ...

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