Thursday, September 20, 2012

REsults from yesterday

Well it’s 0545 and I’m getting ready to go to Philly for another big meeting with the feds. It’s been a busy few weeks at work – busier than I remember it ever being, but that may just be because I have an attitude of wanting to be on vacation all the time (by the way this isn’t a dangling modifier or a sentence with parallel construction; I did it on purpose). Regardless, everything turned out okay at the docs yesterday. My blood is still improving – with my platelets up to 86 from 80.  Red blood cells a little low, but that’s okay.
I’m a bit overweight, but so is the rest of America so I’m not alone. I’m attributing much of that to an increase in muscle mass (actually it is a lie, but that’s what I am telling myself). My strength is up, my energy is up, and I am able to do everything. So that’s good too. My goal now is to drop ten pounds before January 20th – my next big oncology appointment.

More to follow.

Love to all,


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