Saturday, April 12, 2014

Okay, maybe one more

Good morning all:

Quite a day yesterday. Here goes. For 21 years I was a soldier. I spent my time in infantry, tank, and cavalry units. I was steely-eyed, camouflage wearing, defender of freedom. Very little scared me.
Yesterday I came face-to-face with one of the few things that puts me thru my paces – a building full of middle school kids. That’s right – those little life affirming units of potential that have one speed – fast; and one volume setting – loud.
Having had a dosage of IVIG last week I looked at each one of these little darlings not so much as loving little smookies, but rather as germ bombs. In reality that’s what they are, kid crud carriers.
I had forgotten about their germ content when I said I would help mentor a bunch of them at a Junior Achievement BIZ Town day. Junior Achievement – except for being a breeding ground for medical maladies – is a wonderful program that teaches kids the value of working together, goal setting, and business fundamentals.
So anyway I get there and I am assigned about a dozen of these bio- terrorists in disguise and we start the project (there were 100 kids there).
When I first got there I had to fill out a name label and the lady at the front door said, “Just put what you want kids to cal you on the label. You know like Mr. Bill, Bill, Mr. Potter.”
Anyway I wrote “Superman” on my label and refused to tell the kids my secret identity. Throughout the day my kids needed my help they would yell, “Superman! Superman!”
What a great way to spend a day.

Oh and I probably didn’t get sick’ let’s see if the IVIG holds.

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